Welcome Fellow Bedroom Guitar Tone Seekers!

If You’re looking to perfect your bedroom guitar tone when you can’t crank your rig, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s be honest, as guitarists nothing gives us more pleasure and satisfaction than cranking your amp to 11, hitting a power chord and rocking on! The reality is that achieving this volume and tone at such a level is not always possible. For example, you may live in a small apartment where your neighbors can hear you breathe. Or, you’re a night owl like me and love to get great bedroom tones late into the night. Whatever your reason may be, This blog that is fully committed to bringing you great information about achieving a killer guitar tone in your bedroom at night!

There’s great information out there on bedroom guitar tone and lower volume jamming but there is no central place that guitarists can come to learn everything they need to about this topic.

I cover many topics such as EQ pedals, Attenuators, Practice amps, Volume pedals, noiseless cool guitar picks, the effects loop, Practice tools, guitar stools bedroom tone tips and tricks as well as much more.

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