About Me

My Name is Anton De Beer. I’m 35 years old from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been playing guitar for 18 years now and have been in many bands for roughly the same time.

I like to think I have reached the ability where I am at now by sheer practice over the years. There have been two constants in my guitar journey up until now:

  1.  Practice
  2. Not being able to practice due to noise complaints (I live in a small flat and my neighbors taste in music is on the opposite spectrum to mine so the late night Slayer riffs aren’t particularly appreciated as you can imagine).

At the time when I started playing guitar the Internet was barely a thing in my life so I did not have access to the masses of information available nowadays. I had to figure things out the hard way and that was by trial and error, walking into music stores asking dumb questions and chatting to as many guitarists as possible.

Having said that, with the Internet I have discovered even more when it comes to practicing guitar and getting the right tone and levels for it.

When the mood strikes to practice, it strikes. One cannot ignore this feeling and it is against humanity in my opinion to stop yourself from practicing guitar because of noise levels or any other reason. We should all be able to practice and hear ourselves practice at whatever time we so desire.

Therefore I have created this blog to share with the world the methods I have learned and developed in order to practice at whatever time I want and still achieve the best possible tone under the circumstances.

I am always open to new ideas, methods and perspectives so I encourage engagement on this site as well as on the various social media accounts we have which you can find here. Another thing is that you are welcome to message me with ideas for articles etc. By doing this, we can cover as many topics as possible

Gear Disclaimer

In the time that I’ve been playing guitar I have bought, used, sold, tried, re-purchased, sold again and repeated this cycle when it comes to gear. I don’t expect this cycle to stop anytime soon. I just want to make clear that I talk about a lot of gear, ¬†a lot of which I don’t own. But that just means I don’t have the money or the physical space to keep all the beautiful gear in the world.

Keep Rocking!