The idea of practicing guitar at any time at any volume you wish is essentially the crux or basis of this blog that I have started. I do however tend to shy away from writing posts about items of gear that I’ve never used or tried. It is unfair to you, the reader to take advice from a writer talking about a particular subject that he/she has no personal experience or knowledge about.

The reason I am talking about this is because the topic of this post is Attenuators. An exceptionally important piece of kit when it comes to live, practicing and achieving great bedroom guitar tone. However I have never owned an attenuator nor have I ever tried one. I’ve never owned one because in order for it to be effective, you need a really decent attenuator which are really expensive. The cheaper attenuators apparently take a lot of the tone away while the good ones keep the tone while reducing the volume. The reason I’ve never tried one is because I live in South Africa and our options are limited in comparison to what is available in the USA and Europe.

Taking this into account, I have decided that the attenuator is such a necessary piece of gear to talk about in relation to this blog, that I have searched the Internet to find you the best articles and videos explaining this piece of kit.

Attenuator Articles

Attenuator Videos