My Best Guitar Stool & Why Using One is Good

Today I’d like to discuss using my best guitar stool and I’ll touch on the many benefits using one has brought me and my guitar playing.

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I recently decided about a few months back that I wanted to go for guitar lessons. The reason I decided to go for guitar lessons was because, the last time I went for lessons was when I was 14 years old. That was an exceptionally long time ago! When I had gone for lessons back then, I had learnt some very important fundamentals. These included some pentatonic scales and exercises that I still use and practice with till this day. Since going for these lessons when I was 14, I decided to quit and teach myself. So here I am many many years later and I’ve not been for a lesson since.

I decided that these guitar lessons would open up new horizons when it came to my playing.

Fast forward to my first guitar lesson as an adult a few weeks back. My new guitar teacher didn’t even make me pick up the guitar on our first lesson.

He went straight onto my posture and sitting correctly when playing. He has two ergonomic guitar stools that he uses. One for himself and the other for his students. This guitar teacher taught me the exceptional importance of using an ergonomic guitar stool to improve guitar playing and to maximize practicing efforts.

After that first lesson, I went out and got myself a brand new ergonomic guitar stool. Just like the one my guitar teacher has.

It is the Gator frameworks guitar stool. This is quite an incredible guitar stool as it folds up and fits in my car beautifully. Even Though I only use it in my bedroom. However, having said that, It folds up into such a small unit that it takes up hardly any space in my room. This makes it a fantastic tool for practice.

The added bonus of this guitar stool is that it has a guitar stand that is built into it. So you can rest your guitar safely on the stand as opposed to resting on against a sketchy old chair and having it fall on the ground (which has happened to me once I am sad to say).

Since getting one of these stools for guitar, I am able to play guitar for a much longer extended period of time than ever before. This makes guitar more fun for me and it makes me exceptionally excited to get home from work every day and play guitar.