Using An Equalizer Pedal For Bedroom Tone

There are two ways in which an Equalizer pedal can be used for bedroom tone. The one method tends more toward the tone as apposed to the volume of the guitar. I’ve only tried the first method but have investigated the second. I’ll explain..

1) The First Method

The first method requires any kind of equalizer pedal or processor. What we are doing here is using the EQ either in the effects loop or in front of the amp to tweak or “tune” to the room. Say for example your amps high end comes through in your room, you can use the EQ pedal to turn down those higher frequencies. Or, say you want to turn down the bass so the neighbors don’t complain. You can turn down the lower frequencies to achieve this. If your EQ pedal has a volume control like the ten band equalizer by MXR , even better.

I personally prefer using the eq pedal in the effects loop as it allows you to tweak the overall tone of the amp. Putting this pedal in front of the amp also works but I feel it changes the sounds of some of my pedals too drastically.

2) The second Method

With the second technique, you will unfortunately need an EQ that has a volume control. So you wouldn’t be able to do this with a six band EQ (unless it has a volume control). This method works pretty much exactly the same way as the volume pedal technique which you can read here. The only difference is that the one control you use with your foot and the other control is an up and down dial. I won’t go into more depth about the volume pedal technique as I’ve got a blog post about it already. In that article you can find a video that demonstrates both the EQ method and the volume pedal method.

The second method is best suited for a cranked tube amp so you can still get the gritty sound but just at a lower volume. The first method is great for cutting unwanted frequencies for both live and for your bedroom.

For a relatively cheap eq pedal that is robust and sounds good is the GE-7 by Boss

Watch the video by “That Pedal Show” explaining why you need an Equaliser pedal:

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